Campus Ministry is for everyone at 鶹ý (and that includes you!). We hope to accompany and inspire all students, regardless of their religious tradition, through opportunities for faith, service, and community. So whether you’re looking for a place to explore new spiritual practices and deepen your faith, a place to give back to the community and make a positive impact, or a place to meet committed mentors and create lifelong friends, you’ll find that Campus Ministry is the place for you!

Campus Ministry Opportunities

鶹ý Students gathered together outside at a Campus Ministry retreat,
Are you feeling stretched too thin with commitments to class, work, family, friends, clubs, and other responsibilities? Do you want a break from all the busyness to refocus on God? Would you enjoy meeting a bunch of other Bucs who are seeking truth, beauty, and goodness? Sounds like you need a retreat!
鶹ý sitting in Barry Hall chapel together.
Worship & Prayer
God loves us: what a simultaneously simple and profound reality! Campus Ministry strives to provide ample opportunities to humbly gather in prayer before an all-powerful God who loves us unconditionally. We invite you to come and see!
鶹ý Students making peanut butter and jelly for the local Memphis mission.
Join us in living out the Lasallian principle of “Concern for the Poor & Social Justice.” In such a divided world, how can you use your God-given talents to make a positive and lasting impact both on- and off- campus? Join Campus Ministry in making PB&Js, or explore a vast number of opportunities through the Center for Community Engagement.
Buc Stop Community Pantry Logo
Buc Stop Community Pantry
College students across the nation struggle with food insecurity. The Buc Stop is our response, providing food and hygiene products for free to our students in need – simply show up, “shop around,” and leave with your goods, no questions asked.
鶹ý students dining together.
All aboard! These events are great ways to meet the Campus Ministry team as well as connect with other awesome Bucs. Most of them simply require you to show up and have fun! You’re also always welcome in the Campus Ministry office, located conveniently across from the Buccaneer Grille in the Thomas Center. Ahoy!

Contact Us

We would love to speak with you. Please reach out to us anytime at 鶹ý