Natural Science Education (6-12, Licensure)

A degree in Natural Science Education will combine your major courses with education courses that will prepare you for initial teacher licensure in biology, chemistry, or physics.
Degree Type: BS

In this major, you will study the fundamentals of physical, biological, and mathematical sciences to gain an understanding of the scientific concepts required to explain the natural world. This BS degree can be earned in four years (eight semesters).

Program Highlights

  • Multidisciplinary focus
  • Opportunities to apply scientific methodology and techniques
  • Licensure preparation
  • Lab courses that provide hands-on experience with concepts taught in class lectures
  • Small classes

What You’ll Study

The major requires 124 credit hours. In conjunction with the 鶹ý Department of Education, you’ll take 鶹ý general education and liberal arts courses, School of Sciences Support Requirements, plus courses in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Science
  • Physics
  • Teacher Licensure Requirements


As a Natural Science teacher, you can have an impact on society as you train the next generation of scientists or teachers.

Is a Natural Science Education Major for You?

If you have interest in the natural world and in teaching young people, a Natural Science Education major may be for you.

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