Build the leadership skills and knowledge you need for a successful career guiding teams of professionals through today’s rapidly changing global business environment.
Degree Type: BS

About the Bachelor of Science in Management

Being an excellent manager calls for more than just people skills. The best managers combine leadership skills with technical knowledge, analytic capability, critical thinking, and a firm ethical grounding. Exceptional managers also possess strong planning and decision-making skills, which help them to make critical choices that shape the future of companies and individuals alike.

鶹ý’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management degree program aids you in becoming a visionary leader by teaching you how to develop each of these necessary skills. Management majors take courses that explore the fundamentals of topics such as strategic planning, project management, organizational behavior, and leadership, all with the goal of challenging themselves intellectually and practically. After participating in engaging coursework and practicum projects, you will enroll in internships that encourage you to build real-world experience in your local business community, allowing you the opportunity to make a tangible difference while still a student.

Through the Bachelor of Science in Management, you’ll gain a keen understanding of how organizations work and how pioneering leaders influence their trajectories. Within the careful study of various theories of leadership, you will engineer your own unique leadership style, ultimately learning how to manage a variety of resources, including the most integral resource: your colleagues and team members.

What You’ll Study

The Bachelor of Science in Management degree requires a total of 121 credit hours. Students take business-focused courses that encompass topics such as organizational behavior and management, leadership, quantitative methods of management, and human resources, which all culminate in a management project. 

Along with your business coursework, you’ll enroll in 鶹ý general education coursework, which includes a foundation of liberal arts courses. Throughout your courses, faculty members collaborate with you to promote the communication skills necessary to overcome the challenges you’ll face in the field of management.

Within the management program, you will complete five areas of coursework:  

  • General Education – 25 credits
  • School of Business Core – 30 credits
  • School of Business Support – 9 credits
  • Management Major – 36 credits
  • Major-Specific Electives – 21 credits

Related Minors

The School of Business offers a variety of minors that supplement the management major. These business-related minors complement the management major, supporting students with a diverse, market-ready skill set in their pursuit of their future careers. These minors are not limited to students inside of the School of Business and may be taken by students enrolled in other schools within 鶹ý.

The School of Business offers the following related minors:

Related Programs

For students interests in related programs within the School of Business, 鶹ý offers the following majors:

Careers with a BS in Management

All companies need great managers to succeed. Whether you’re putting your skills to work in order to manage individuals or data, overseeing complex operations, or curating the careful construction of teams, a number of roles will be available to you.

Graduates of 鶹ý’s Bachelor of Science in Management degree program have held the following job titles: 

  • Operations supervisor
  • General manager
  • Program coordinator
  • Development Director
  • Business analyst
  • Personnel recruiter
  • Territory manager
  • Operations Manager

Data from the  indicates that employment within the business and financial occupations is projected to grow seven percent through 2031.

Graduates of the BS in Management Program

Making the decision to earn your management degree requires perseverance and focus. But that doesn’t mean you have to make that journey alone. Faculty members work together to assist you in your development as a leader. Through the Bachelor of Science in Management, our 鶹ý graduates have found successful management careers at a variety of companies, including:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Nestle Purina
  • IBM
  • FedEx
  • Enterprise
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Caesar’s Entertainment

Is Management for You?

While businesses will always need leaders, the success of a business often depends on the strength of the community within it. To develop these communities, managers work closely with staff to identify what strategies work well within their business. Majoring in management allows you to hone the decision-making and interpersonal skills needed to maintain a successful foundation for you and your organization.

Students who seek a career in management often share similar mindsets and ways of thinking that drive them to seek the advancement of an organization. To see if management is for you, discover if you identify with some of the skills and interests on the list below. If you do, a career in management may be a good fit.

  • Building and leading teams
  • Decision-making
  • Analyzing community needs
  • Delegation
  • Problem-solving
  • Program development
  • Critial Analaysis
  • Mentoring

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Lead Success with a BS in Management

Develop a unique, ethical command of the components of leadership by studying the inner workings of business environments through a Bachelor of Science in Management degree at 鶹ý. Upon graduation, you will feel prepared to enact change as a confident, future-minded leader of your organization and community.