Humanities Computing

鶹ý’s Humanities Computing minor, a program that opens up new ways of studying in the humanities and provides you with the writing, thinking, and computing skills employers want.

Do you like to read literature, to think critically, to study culture, and to create? Do you want to develop computing skills, the sort that make you competitive in a 21st century workforce? Do you want to study and participate in the joining of traditional humanistic inquiry and contemporary computing?

Why minor in Humanities Computing?

Humanities Computing is an interdisciplinary minor that allows students to develop and use computational skills in the interpretation of texts and cultural artifacts. It bridges computer science and the traditional humanities disciplines, including literary studies, history, philosophy, and the visual arts. Students will gain experiences in computer science and textual study, and they will apply these skills to create digital projects.

Learned skills include coding, critical GIS (Geographic Information Systems), app development, data visualization, statistical analysis, web development, and more.

Students will also explore technology from a philosophical and critical perspective.

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