English for Corporate Communications

If becoming a top-notch communicator and professional writer is your goal, 鶹ý’s English for Corporate Communications major is perfect for you. Through a variety of courses, you will become adept at critical thinking, creative problem solving, oral and written communication.
Degree Type: BA

Plus, you’ll get professional experience through internships at corporate and non-profit partners who are eager to hire 鶹ý grads.

Are you fascinated by social media? No, not just your friend’s latest pic on Instagram, but how our digital communication practices shape how our world works, how businesses make money, and even how we understand ourselves. Do you want to be the voice for a brand, spotting the latest trends and joining a global conversation? Or what about writing and editing technical reports and guides – the kind of documents that keep workers safe and make sure an organization can thrive?

Students in English for Corporate Communications know that words matter. When you sign up for these courses in rhetorical history and theory, digital composition, professional communications, and literature, you’ll immerse yourself in thinking about how humans communicate and you’ll prepare to bring people together in powerful, effective, and meaningful ways.

Program Highlights

The English for corporate communications major requires 122 credit hours:

  • 22 credits: General Education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 27 credits: Liberal Arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 57 credits: Major Requirements. English, business, economics, marketing, and speech courses
  • 15 credits: Major-Specific Electives


  • English — 18 credits in upper level English courses
  • Creative Writing — 18 credits of English and creating writing courses. These courses also contribute to interdisciplinary minors in American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Sustainability Studies, and Peace Studies.
  • Foreign Language — 12 credits in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, or Spanish

Professional Writing Certificate

鶹ý offers a professional writing certificate that allows students from majors across the university to combine four courses to add to their credentials as proficient and career-ready communicators. Courses include business communications, advanced composition, creative writing, art, and creative nonfiction.

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