Gifted Academy

The 鶹ý Gifted Academy is designed to assist K-12 teachers in fulfilling employment requirements (as opposed to licensure requirements) for teaching gifted students.
Department: Education

If you are currently enrolled in a 鶹ý graduate/post-baccalaureate program (MAT or a Licensure-Only Program) you may take the Academy courses as electives; however, you should contact the 鶹ý Department of Education for permission to register for the course(s).

Academy Highlights

  • Two six-hour credit courses including “Characteristics of a Gifted/Talented Class” and “Methods for Teaching Gifted/Talented”
  • Summer classes
  • Hybrid format – both in-class and online meetings

NOTE: At this time 鶹ý does not offer the 466 Gifted Education K-12 license. Some school districts have additional employment requirements, such as three years of successful teaching experience in the general education classroom, so teachers should check with their school districts prior to enrolling in the Gifted Academy.

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