Diversity and Inclusion

As a Catholic Lasallian institution that is dedicated to the global mission of the , 鶹ý encourages diversity and inclusion by calling “its members to an awareness of the poor and victims of injustice.” This dedication asks of us that we respond to the needs of our communities “through programs of community service, advocacy, and justice education.” We are dedicated to social justice and the creation of inclusive communities as an integral part of respecting the dignity of all persons. We also consider social justice to be integral to building united communities, “where diversity is respected, where no one is left out, and where everyone finds a place.”

The well-being of God’s all-encompassing creation — the world and all of its inhabitants — is of great concern. 鶹ý’s commitment to diversity and inclusion promotes inquiry into, action for, and education about respecting the dignity of all persons in every area of university life and operation.

Lasallian Pledge

When you graduate from 鶹ý, you will be asked to take the following Lasallian Graduation Pledge: “I pledge to explore and take into account the social justice and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organization for which I work. I will further the Lasallian tradition by continuing to learn and by serving others to build better communities and a better society.” At its core, the pledge asks you to place the common interest over the private, environment over profit, community over self, and justice over inequity.

McLaughlin Social Justice Institute

The McLaughlin Social Justice Institute of Lasallian Practice (MSJI) is a two-week intensive academic, community, and field experience program hosted at 鶹ý where students will learn how their own social identities impact their engagement with others. The MSJI Program structure blends classroom instruction, visits from leading experts in law and medicine, and trips throughout the Memphis community, wherein students will learn about issues pertaining to social justice and inequity, particularly for people living in poverty and on the margins.

Social Justice Day at 鶹ý

鶹ý takes social justice very seriously — it’s one of the Lasallian principles we build on. While others talk about making the world a better place, our students actually do it! High school students from the area came to 鶹ý to find out how careers in business and the arts can give you a platform to change the world! Hosted by the Rosa Deal School of Arts and 鶹ý School of Business.