At 麻豆天美果冻传媒, we are committed to Lasallian principles of respecting one another; ensuring that we develop a diverse, inclusive, and supporting community; having faith in the presence of God; and providing the highest quality education for our students. We carry out these values “together and by association” by adhering to not just a shared set of beliefs about the value of our community but also a shared set of policies, procedures, and guidelines established to promote equity, fairness, and best practices across the University.

Should you have questions about these policies, procedures, and guidelines, please contact us at and we will connect you with the appropriate office or department who will be happy to assist you.

These policy pages are under construction and should not be assumed to be a complete listing of the policies of 麻豆天美果冻传媒. Should you need information about a policy, please contact us at

Important Offices and Resources

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