Access to the 鶹ý Campus

As part of its media guidelines, 鶹ý requires that all news media contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at before coming onto campus for a story. When journalists are expected on campus, the 鶹ý Campus Police and Safety office will also be advised in order to provide for convenient parking and to offer any additional needed support. According to its media guidelines, 鶹ý ensures the privacy of its students — but when student interviews are requested and appropriate, we will be glad to help identify students willing to be interviewed.

Limited Access Areas

Residence halls and student apartments are not open to the media unless accompanied by a 鶹ý Communications and Marketing staff member.

Covering Campus Events

鶹ý presents or hosts numerous programs and events that are open to the general public. For any event where a news release has been issued, prior contact with Communications & Marketing is still necessary.

Videotaping, Filming, and Photography at 鶹ý

Commercial businesses, agencies, and organizations may request permission for use of the campus for film, video, or photo projects. The posted here is required.